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My Mission

          One of life’s greatest joys and necessities is learning.  Its foundation is perception and cognition.  Pillars of brain development, they foster creativity, memory, and insight.  Remember, as a child, the wonder—the delight you felt discovering the world within you and the world around you.  That was you—sensing yourself forging new synaptic connections, new perceptions, new understanding.  You—feeling your mind expand.

          When viewing AnneKarin’s art you feel that same curiosity awaken to something exciting—unravel an enticing mystery.  You feel your mind and heart drawn in—completing the initial visual experience.

          Play, Explore, Discover!  Feel, Imagine, Remember!  Participate in the creation of the image before you.  Relive the delicious, unfathomable luxury of some of the most beautiful moments of your childhood.

          Ah ha!!!  Ignite your creative process. The art of AnneKarin Glass touches essence—kindles resonance.  AnneKarin welcomes you to co-create a rebirth of wonder.