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Co-Create with the Artist

Travel takes you beyond the ordinary rhythm of life to a mind-expanding realm of discovery, awe and emotion.  Traveling intensifies experiences and heightens feelings, creating memories of special moments you will forever treasure.  But your memories tend to fade, and as they do, so does the intensity of your pleasure, once so immediate.  But you can relive those emotions.

A painting in your home that is inspired by one or several of your travel photos can bring back those extraordinary feelings and memories every time you view it.  AnneKarin can combine images from your photos to capture the essence of your travel experience in a painting that regenerates the exquisite pleasure of your trip for you and your family.

Share your travel photos and stories and co-create with the artist.  She will produce a drawing, based on your photos and stories, for you to approve.  After agreement on the sketch, it will serve as the foundation to guide the artist in the creation of your painting, specially tailored to your specifications.

Call or email AnneKarin to commission an exquisite painting to commemorate and celebrate your unique travel experience.

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Some Examples

Mount Kenya (Kenya)

“Day’s end.  Fog’s fingers fathoming the valleys.  Mount Kenya in the distance transcends the mist.  Stillness—peace.” (A Traveler)


House Cat (Oaxaca, Mexico)

“The artist’s colonial mansion seemed infinite—two stories of intriguing rooms and galleries and stairways surrounded an interior courtyard populated with patios and tropical gardens—hours to explore.  A traveler rests in one of the living rooms and watches the house cat.”  (A Traveler)




Patricia’s Kitchen (Paris, France)

“French hostess, Patricia, rents a suit in her Paris apartment to travelers.  She has ‘papered’ the walls are with brocade fabrics.  Equally charming is her small kitchen, typically French, with bowls of fresh fruit and embroidered table cloth.” (A Traveller)




 Shade of the Acacia (Oldonyiro Market, Kenya)

“At noon the only refuge from the sun’s intensity is the spreading acacia.  Masai women sit in its shade and gossip while waiting for a customer wanting to buy a goat.”  (A Traveller)





Breakfast in Skradin (Skradin, Croatia)

“No restaurants were open for breakfast that Sunday—only the Yacht Club easily accessible by boat but a very long hot slog from town.  Hungry, we walked.  It was worth it; the breakfast was sumptuous and the view from our table was memorable.  …so satisfied!”   (A Traveller)




Masai Goatherd (Laikipia Plateau, Kenya)

“The Masai, a herding tribe, teach their young boys the care and counting of livestock—better not lose a goat!  We saw kids watching over Nannies, Billies and kids along country trails in that most magnificent high desert.”  (A Traveller)



Austrian Vineyards (Nieder Österrich, Austria)

“Flying over vineyards in Austria, it seemed to me such an ancient land—plots divided organically according to the terrain, naturally engendering an abstract design rather than divided by our modern measure using strait lines and geometric shapes.”  (A Traveller)


Happy Family (Serengeti National Park, Tanzania)

Happy Family (Serengeti National Park, Tanzania)

“Elephants travel in herds.  Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by an extended family of more than forty mammas and babies—all delighting in spring grasses and acacia branches.”  (A Traveller)