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The Figure

The Figure shows images in oil/canvas of nude male and female models of varying ethnicity in a variety of poses.

A group of figurative oil paintings on canvas, each painted from a live model posing for seven and half hours in three separate sittings.  To start I use a wet brush containing more solvent than pigment to “feel” the figure and position her on the canvas, to establish the composition of the painting—before I begin I set the idea of my destination.  This first step is the most essential step in creating a successful painting.  Next, I build I explore the possibilities of light and shadow and alter features of the model and setting as necessary while I build up the surface of the canvas.  The last step is color and contrast.  Painting the figure is a fun, sensual, and emotional experience.  My hope is that you, the viewer, experience the joy, emotion, and sensuality I felt painting them.